<<<Upgrade to ComeAgain® v.6.7.12>>>

<<v.6.36.02 and v.6.7.1, v.6.7.2-6in1, v.6.7.7, v.6.7.8, v.6.7.9, v.6.7.10, v.6.7.11, v.6.7.12

With the following enhancements below:

<<Contents of v.6.7.12 Update>>

-Add svcgoal and prodgoal for trans detail report <TransProcessor.dll>
-New Pivotal Interface using the SmartAdmin.exe program <PivotalPayInterface.dll>
-New Concierge Report <Concierge.rpt>
-Additional payment options added, 5 payments able to be named to fit your needs (house1, house2, house3, house4, and house5) -Updated the Transaction Report to reflect the new House fields <TransProcessor.dll>

<<Contents of v.6.7.10 and v.6.7.11 Update>>

VIP Reports and Ultimate Indicator Reports

New Reports:

-Ultimate Indicators:
-same report with date range selection
-VIP Report - 8 in 1 report for marketing

<<Contents of v.6.7.9 Update>>

Have the Schedule Menu field and the Letters field allow 48 characters to be entered
Components compile:
-Updated PivotalPayInterface.dll – clear variables when opening and closing form

<<Contents of v.6.7.8 Update>>

Below is a list of items that are in the upgrade.

-Employee Summary.rpt – custom report one page see every employees new, repeat, avg ticket, man hours, retail per client, rebooked, pre-booked, retention, and many more!
-Report.txt Updated reports to be under the Custom Analysis

<<Contents of v.6.7.7 Update>>

Dependent on v6.7.2 Install

Below is a list of items that are in the upgrade.
-WaitList report. Create a report that shows the waitlist with no assignment to an employee

-Appt Statistics Report. Determine the statistics by employee on their appointments based on date range.

-POS Statistics Report. Determine the statistics for employees doing POS based on date range.

Updated for all above

<<Contents of v.6.7.6 Update>>

Place the batch file into the Windows task manager to run the Macro1 that is in the Statistics.mdb at night

-UIProduct.dll - Removed the barcode from the Adjusted Products Report and the Received Products Report
-IESPV.exe- Added the Revision to the screen for the entire version number
-Pivotal - Installation Instructions.html
-UIPrepay.dl - Update to use the Pivotal TT8500 machine
-PivotalPayInterface.dll - Updated to use the Pivotal TT8500 machine
-UniPayInterface.dll - Recompiled to remove reference to the PivotalPayInterface.dll. Not needed here.

With these changes, the versions 6.7.2 and 6.7.4 are merged together.
Below is a list of items that are in the upgrade.
-Stats.rpt Updated report based on new Statistics Database
-Statistics.mdb Updated queries and add modules for above reports to be run in EndDay.exe
-IESPV.exe Updated version number
-Report.exe Removed code for the Statistics database so it can use current process in EndDay.exe
-Report.txt Updated reports to be under the Custom Analysis

-Fixed Top 100 List to reflect top 100 not first 100 customers in database
-Changed sorting off the following reports into alphabetical order: CustMktgInfo,, Hourly Sales, List 90 Day, List 100, List, -List Birthday, List No Show, List Recall, List Referral
-Disabled <ALT><F3> and <CTRL><F4> for Lookup stations
-Fixed mapping to database for Prepaid Account Expirations
-Removed “List” from “Edit” Menu
-Updated CG Software copyright year to 2009

<<Contents of v.6.7.1 Update>>

Changes and additional features in v.6.7.1

-Edit Customer
Primary Contact method – this is used for appointment confirmation (home, work, cell, email)
Email Option for confirmation – spend less time calling more time taking care of customers
Client Pop-Up notes for scheduling and Point of Sale – with in house notes get to know your customers better, turn them on or off per computer
-Edit Employee
Ability to Export employee compensation to Excel for easy sorting and tracking
-Edit Product
Scan mode to enable quick scan in and out of Inventory without searching through product finder
New report sorting by vendor – minimize report size and narrow in or products by vendor
-Edit Settings
General tab Company phone number – prints on receipts
Yes / No tab Request email return receipts for appointments – send email notification at the time of appointment with information regarding appointment
Yes / No tab Enable customer Popup notes – set company wide setting on sending email
Connect tab Company Email, Return Email address, SMTP Server, username and password
Options separate expiration for Gift Certificates, Prepaid Accounts, Series, and Smart Reward – utilize prepaid accounts the their fullest be specifying different dates
Current time block row highlighted in RED – better track current time while making appointments
New Green background for Check-In, enables users the ability to preserve the original foreground color – while changing foreground colors
Pop-up notes for scheduling information on customers
With the click of a button edit client profile from schedule – add information with speed and ease while scheduling appointments
Confirm and send Real-Time emails as appointments are made – if no email is on file one can be added at this time
View all contact information including phone numbers and email address while clicking on an appointment
-Point – of – Sale
Ability to export receipt to Excel
Print Screen
Change screen font size
New Smart Rewards customer referral program – promote areas of the salon focus in on certain services and offer unique discounts on these services
New ability to add to all prepaid accounts – use on prepaid card for all accounts and add to the balance on an or all cards while using the same card
Ability to have multiple accounts on one card
Set client discount under client profile – eliminate the confusion at POS for those VIP clients
Ability to reprint receipts after time of transaction
Tickets left on hold automatically voided at Endday printing receipt of voided transaction
All new Credit / Debit processing through Pivotal Payments – save time matching up reports and terminal slips
New report for customers without email
Auto confirmation call list, list of customers that do not want email
Additional inventory sorting criteria to run reports by Vendor
Added customer birthday to Traveler™
Added customer anniversary to Traveler™
Employee Statistics Report? Daily calculations
New transaction detail report with date range and ability to select drawer
Hourly sales report
New report for No Shows
New Anniversary report
New service analysis
Service analysis by gender
New sorting of reports in Alphabetical order

<<Contents of v.6.36.02 Update>>

Changes and additional features in v.6.36.02

-Real-time Scheduler updating Controls for Multi-User networks
-ChainLink™ Module for Multi-Site "Real-Time" Gift Certificate Tracking
-Prepaid Payment Account for Salon and Spa "In-House" Credit Cards
-Prepaid Account Tracking Report
-Cell Phone numbers added to Client and Employee records
-Added two Additional Colors to Scheduler (Orange, Green) for Parties and Group Bookings
-Added Detailed Description for Series Redemption
-Added "Multi-Site" location redemption detail
-New Sales Usage Cost Report
-Updated Graphics and Icons
-Updated Data Connection Library to Database
-Corrected vendor field for future reports
-Increased Service Screen selection Menu
-Scheduler Screen Shot output to MS office
-Updated Printer Fonts
-Updated Scheduler scheduling fonts
-Ability to Increase POS fonts
-Ability to Export POS Receipts to Excel
-Increased eMail address field size
-Updated Copyright and Splash Screens


-Statistics Report – Service the calculates 21 stats per Employee Daily over a date range
-Vacation report
-Custom Manager Report
-Sales by Employee
-Sales by Department
-Employee Schedule
-Customers not seen in 60 days
-Customers seen 1 time
-Employee Sales Goals
-Pager list
-Service Count
-Top Customers by Provider
-Productivity Retention
-Financial Forecasting Report
-Employee revenue Report
-Employee Productivity by Groups
-Email Export – To importable format
-Transaction Detail Report per Employee – detail over a specific date range with customer and product count
-Customer Specific Purchases
-Customer Retention Detail
-Company Revenue Report

<<Additional Modules Available>>

-eScheduling™ - online real-time appointment scheduling
-ServicesAvslisbleNow™ - streaming appointments on plasma or LCD. Completely customized for your needs. Up sale to clients while they are already there. Shows times and services available in a specified rolling time in the future.
-Pager Module – page they employees directly from the scheduler with one key
-AutoID™ - popup phone lines while scheduling, select the line it knows the client. If they are new add them from the popup information. No more scheduling mistakes, the name and number are checked against your client database.
-Nightly eMail Confirmations for Appointments and Marketing
-Customer Price Lookup – kiosk in product area customers can check prices at their leisure
-Advanced Inventory Tracking Module – use a handheld scanner to wirelessly inventory and receive products. Updates inventory after scan in less than 10 seconds. Save time, avoid mistakes adjusting inventory.
-Prepaid Account Lookup – check balance by typing or scanning rhea number.
-New centralized employee time tracking software, clock in or out from any computer, run employee labor reports directly through ComeAgain®, edit punches from an admin dashboard, track labor costs with salary determined in employee profile, best of all use the same user name and password in ComeAgain® to clock in or out.

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